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The Asylum (Limited Edition)
Released on March 3rd, 2012.

Tracklist :
01. Early Symptom 3'16"
02. Committal (feat. Marionita Paige) 5'40"
03. An Icy Bath 5'50"
04. The Voices Inside (pt. 1) 5'55"
05. Paranoid Schizophrenia 6'04"
06. Electroconvulsive Therapy 5'56"
07. Intermetamorphosis 5'54"
08. The Voices Inside (pt. 2) 5'18"
09. Cotard Delusion 6'24"
10. Lobotomy 5'33"
11. Escape (feat. Hoyland) 7'54"

Total Running Time : 1:03:41

This album is conceptually based on old mental hospitals and the former treatments of mental illness. As brought to the fore by the song titles, it embodies the mental evolution of a single person, from his/her first problems to his/her escape from the asylum. The whole album has been foreshadowed by a single, “Committal”, available for free from the Instant Pyrolysis website.
Valenten would like to thank : Marionita and Marc for their awesome performances, Marie my beloved girlfriend, Cedric (Nors’Klh), Graeme (Synoiz), Mike (Melankolia), Gautier, Romain, Joseph (Backyard Ghost), Thee Demonick Eremite (Quartier23), Priapus 23, Bruno (Immundus), Cyril, Gwenaelle, Eileen and last but not least my parents, without whom none of this would have been brought to life. Thank you so much for your tremendous support ! I am also willing to wholeheartedly thank the Instant Pyrolysis fans, who keep believing in this project for over one year.

Original Music and Concept by Instant Pyrolysis
Vocals on track 2 by Marionita Paige (
Melodic parts on track 11 by Hoyland (
© 2012 Instant Pyrolysis - All Rights reserved

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