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Instant Pyrolysis is a drone/industrial dark ambient project from France, currently only composed of its founder member, Valenten (who happens to be the creator of Ambientaria Records).

'The Asylum', a first full-length album, was released on March 3rd, 2012. It is thematically based on old mental hospitals and on the harsh treatments that were inflicted to the patients. This album was foreshadowed by the "Committal" single, on which the lyrical singer Marionita Paige was featured.

Instant Pyrolysis is made of pieces of feelings. It is an experimental overview of a cold industrial world born out of deep wounds and black blood. It is the instinct of a blind human. It is the wind scraping against the frozen ground, in front of a huge disused factory. It is a dying star. It is the myth of a scrawny foetus about to breathe for the first time.

Instant Pyrolysis' Dark Ambient music is mostly generated on a computer, thanks to virtual synthetizers and samples recorded by Valenten himself with a Zoom H4n. However, it occasionally also includes voices and some other instruments (guitars, self-made experimental instruments...) in order to enhance the audio experience.


Instant Pyrolysis is endorsed by H.G. Fortune

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The Asylum
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