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If you're regularly following this Instant Pyrolysis blog or if you've subscribed to my monthly newsletter, you probably already know that I am working on a new release called "The Horla". Today I'll give some fresh news about this project.

Tracks : The tracks recording goes pretty well. It's a lot of work, but I literally have plenty of time to devote to this album.

Release : The packaging creation has not started yet. Most obviously it will consist in a 20-copies limited edition. I'm also thinking of having a non-limited jewel box edition. Get ready to grab it at the beginning of December.

Personal thoughts : I keep saying it is an EP... but the more I think the more it resembles to a full-length album. Indeed, I there will be 7 tracks (5 tracks intro/outro), although I had first indicated there would be 5 tracks. I don't consider this album like a major IP release though. I'm undecided.

What do you think ?

Keep in touch,


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  1. morsmores
    At firsth I need one copy of limited edition! At secondary I think that a bonus material [unused sounds, previews of thrack, alternative versions of them, your own lyrics to this inspired by the book...] will be great with this EP. Even this is not your major release, I wait for it immediatelly. Cheers Valenten!
  2. Valenten
    Thanks a lot for your comment and for your support !
    I'm currently considering adding bonus material to the album. Probably digital bonuses. Not sure yet, everything will be announced in the upcoming weeks/months.
    Keep in touch :)!

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