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Good evening, dear visitor.

Today I've implemented a brand new audio player that replaces the rather ugly Reverbnation one that used to stand in the right bar. Indeed, as you may have already noticed, the player is now in the bar at the bottom of your screen.

But I need you ! Programming this was a bit tricky and sometimes wickedly insane, and I still need to enhance it. So, if you encounter any problem when using it, just drop a comment (and include the name of your web browser and OS) here !

I'm in particular interested in knowing if it works with Opera and Safari.. ;)

Thank you by advance,


Your Opinion

  1. Kenneth Cassar
    Ah, yes...its at the bottom of the screen. It works on Google Chrome.
  2. Valenten
    Perfect, thanks for the feedback Kenneth.
  3. Marco
    Hello Valentin. Player works fine here with FF 15, IE 9, Opera 12, Safari 5 and Chrome 21 - everything under Win7 OS.
  4. Valenten
    Hi Marco,
    Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback !! It seems everything works fine then !

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