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Hey guys,

I thought I'd post a quick note in order to tell you a few exclusive stuffs and make sure you're not going to get lost with the upcoming dark ambient sounds I'm preparing for you.

Apart from a few tracks for compilations (including the Korochun one), I've mostly got two projects going on.

The first one is a split album with Parhelion, a talented Canadian ambient artist currently released by Cyclic Law. Moreover, the talented cellist Eleonore Mariage will be featured on one of the tracks, entitled "As A Derelict Industrial World Crumbles Beneath Acid Rains". I will probably also shoot a music video with her.

Furthermore, as I am not willing to have you waiting too much before discovering some new fresh and cripsy dark ambient drones, I am simultaneously planning to release a fully-conceptual EP. I can't say much about it, but it seems probable that a short story will come as a bonus of the physical version of this very release. Indeed, I'll be crafting a truly limited CD edition of this EP album. Stay tuned about this !

Have a nice evening,


By the way, check this Parhelion song :

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