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Committal (Single)
Released on February 6th, 2011.

« Committal : The act of committing someone to confinement ; an order for someone's imprisonment »

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Tracklist :
01. Committal (Album Version) 5'40"
02. Committal (The Third Cryo Room Version by Nors'Klh) 6'00"
03. Committal (Dystopian Mix by Synoiz) 5'57"

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"Committal" is an EP album that announces the release of the first Instant Pyrolysis full-length album, which shall be called "An Old Lunatic Asylum" (thematically based on old mental hospitals).
"Committal" is the second track of this album, and it also embodies the first collaboration between Instant Pyrolysis and the singer Marionita.
Along with the main track come two remixes by Nors'Klh ( and Synoiz (
Valenten would like to thank : Marionita for her incredible performance, my friends Cedric and Graeme for their great remixes, Marie my lovely girlfriend, Gautier and Romain who have heavily supported this project, and all the others - friends and fans : without you, it would have been impossible to release this album. Thanks !

Original Music and Concept by Instant Pyrolysis
Vocals by Marionita (
© 2011 Instant Pyrolysis - All Rights reserved - Except Cover picture by Rob Walker (
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