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Hey guys,

I thought I'd post a quick note in order to tell you a few exclusive stuffs and make sure you're not going to get lost with the upcoming dark ambient sounds I'm preparing for you.

Apart from a few tracks for compilations (including the Korochun one), I've mostly got two projects going on.

The first one is a split album with Parhelion, a talented Canadian ambient artist currently released by Cyclic Law. Moreover, the talented cellist Eleonore Mariage will be featured on one of the tracks, entitled "As A Derelict Industrial World Crumbles Beneath Acid Rains". I will probably also shoot a music video with her.

Furthermore, as I am not willing to have you waiting too much before discovering some new fresh and cripsy dark ambient drones, I am simultaneously planning to release a fully-conceptual EP. I can't say much about it, but it seems probable that a short story will come as a bonus of the physical version of this very release. Indeed, I'll be crafting a truly limited CD edition of this EP album. Stay tuned about this !

Have a nice evening,


By the way, check this Parhelion song :


A few days ago, I built a cymbal-based plate reverb system. Many of the Instant Pyrolysis fans showed a deep interest in this creation on Facebook, so I decided to shoot a video in which I would be including some samples.

What do you think of it ?


Dear Dark Ambient / Experimental music fans,

Today, I am truly proud to announce you the release of "Pulses from 1960", a new album by Rune Martinsen (A Quiet Norway...). Instant Pyrolysis did participate to this release as one of the 35 remixers of the original track composed by Rune.

The album is being released by Petroglyph Music, and available for free download from both links : - Pulses from 1960 Compilation (Free Download) - Pulses from 1960 Compilation (Free Download)

Please feel free to leave a comment here about what you think of this brand new Instant Pyrolysis track !

Facebook Users : Don't hesitate to follow Petroglyph Music on Facebook !


Last week, I proposed you to help me define a part of Instant Pyrolysis' future, thanks to a poll I had organized.

The participation was pretty good, and even if the results are close I chose to respect this vote : there won't be any free remixed-version of "The Asylum". Indeed, 56% of you voted against it, and I am willing to take this number into account.

Thanks a lot for participating, stay tuned for more fresh news in the upcoming weeks !


As I had mentioned a few days ago on Facebook, I've implemented a poll system for the Instant Pyrolysis blog. So, here is a first one for you.

For several weeks, I've been thinking of creating an album which would contain remixes of each track (by various artists) from "The Asylum", the latest IP dark ambient release. The album would be available for free download.

What do you think ?

Would you like a Remixed version of "The Asylum" ?
Not really... (56%)

Yes, good idea ! (44%)

I don't know (0%)

The poll is closed

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