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I have been using the current version of the Instant Pyrolysis logo since the very first day of this project.

For a few weeks now, I have been thinking of changing this logo to something more complex, more evocative. However, I am strongly interested in knowing your point of view through the poll below.

Also, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this article and tell me which band logos you like the most... My own favorite logo is definitely the Dark Fortress one !

Would you like a new logo for Instant Pyrolysis?
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"Le Horla" cover by Editions Milan

Dear Dark Ambient fans,

I am sure that you are already aware that I am working on an EP album about a short story, entitled "The Horla", written by a French author named Guy de Maupassant.

I came up with a quite definitive tracklist, so I thought I would be sharing it with you tonight :

01. The Vessel - First appearance (May 8 - June 3)

02. Mont St Michel - Milk test (July 2 - July 10)

03. Paris - Hypnosis (July 12 - July 21)

04. The Rose - The Escape (July 30 - August 18)

05. The Horla - The Fire (August 19 - September 10)

By the way, I would like to invite you not to research too much on this short story if you don't know it yet, as you would miss the opportunity to discover it along with a music - I'm not saying much more for now. You'll understand what I mean in due time.

Have a nice evening,



For the September newsletter, to be sent out on September 1st, I will be sharing an exclusive video giving you an overview of some techniques I am using in order to achieve the creation of a specific track.

If you're willing to watch this footage, don't hesitate to join the mailinglist.


Dear Dark Ambient fans,

I am pleased to announce some brand new sounds by Instant Pyrolysis. Indeed, I am currently working on a conceptual EP entitled "The Horla".

It is based on a fantastic short-story written by a famous 19th-century French author, named Guy de Maupassant in 1887. The album's tracks will follow the mental evolution of the narrator.

- I'm not saying anything else about it, as I don't want to ruin the suspense of this great tale, which happens to be my favorite story by this author.

Now you're going to ask "how is it gonna be released ?".

There will be a physical yet very limited edition of it, proposed in a home-made packaging. Wait, wait : I am not talking about some random CD-R put in some random jewel case. Nope. I am talking about hand-crafted quality packaging. Legit.

Alternatively, you will also have the opportunity to download a digital version of it, in case you are not interested in the CD or in case they're sold out faster than you would have thought.

I will post pictures about the making process as soon as it's started,

Keep in touch,



Picture by ami46 (DeviantArt)

What a great news ! I learnt yesterday that I was going to participate to an interesting compilation organized by Sven Phanlanx (Schattenspiel) and Lionel Verney (Verney 1826).

The theme is "Jules Verne", the famous French author. His avant-garde perception of the future, back in the 19th century, immediately led me to think of making a Steampunk Dark Ambient track.

I have always felt attracted to the steampunk universe, so working on this theme for a compilation is for me a truly fascinating opportunity. Moreover, I would like to collaborate with an artist close to the Steampunk world for that very track. I have a specific person in mind, who I will contact very soon, but eventually I will keep you posted about this.

Facebook Users : Here is a link to the Jules Verne compilation page.

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