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Dear fans,

I am pleased to announce the release of a Free Dark Ambient track for Halloween. The song is called "Jack and the Devil".

You can download it for free through Viinyl :


However, I am also bringing you some sad news.

Indeed, I have decided to stop working with Instant Pyrolysis.

Even if my love for Dark Ambient music is unalterable, I am also interested in other music genres. As a consequence, I have started working on a Black Metal project named Askrinn. If you're willing to remain in contact with me, please let me invite you to join the mailinglist on the Askrinn website (bottom bar).

Furthermore, if you enjoyed the aforementioned Halloween track, you may want to show some support by getting your own copy of The Asylum, my full-length album. You can grab it for 6.99€ only !

So what if you're willing to follow my other projects ? Here you go :

- Askrinn (Main project - Black Metal)

- Sjaman (2nd project - New Age)

- Valenten Photography (Photographic work)

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you who supported me during these three Dark Ambient years. In particular, I met some truly awesome people which I'm gonna try to make a list of (random order) : Mike O'Brien (Melankolia), Marc Hoyland (Hoyland), Cedric (Nors'Klh), Steven (Kalpamantra), Lyta Alexander, Sam and Sage (Heathen Harvest), Barry Passey, Anne-Emmanuelle & Marc (Unseelie), Phil (Xun), Bruno (Immundus), Marco & Franco (Quartier23), Graeme (Synoiz), Mark (Savaran), Kenneth Cassar, Nicky Bendix, Jindrich & Lucie (Druha Smrt), Ketil (Taphephobia), Jan (Svartsinn), Priapus23 (Akoustik Timbre Frekuency), Eileen (Eileen Photography), Rune (A Quiet Norway), Olivier (Dolorism), Jim Butler, Bernardo (Solitude Project), Djé (No Heaven), the Alchemists (they know who they are), Fabian van der Meer, Alen & Olja (Loell Duinn), Mark Blood, Yohann (The Foetal Mind), Robert (Morsmores), Edgar (Emme Ya), Jose Luis, Lionel (Verney 1826), Julien (Front Sonore), Timur (Tamerlan), Patsker de Witte, George (Kristus Kut), George (Embryonik), Jan Kruml, Nick Olman, Marcin (Flores Funebres), Dennis (Forgotten Backyard), Giulio (L'ira dell'Agnello), Marco Grosso, Joseph (Backyard Ghost)...

I hope I didn't forget too many people. If I did, you know it's not voluntarily.


If you're regularly following this Instant Pyrolysis blog or if you've subscribed to my monthly newsletter, you probably already know that I am working on a new release called "The Horla". Today I'll give some fresh news about this project.

Tracks : The tracks recording goes pretty well. It's a lot of work, but I literally have plenty of time to devote to this album.

Release : The packaging creation has not started yet. Most obviously it will consist in a 20-copies limited edition. I'm also thinking of having a non-limited jewel box edition. Get ready to grab it at the beginning of December.

Personal thoughts : I keep saying it is an EP... but the more I think the more it resembles to a full-length album. Indeed, I there will be 7 tracks (5 tracks intro/outro), although I had first indicated there would be 5 tracks. I don't consider this album like a major IP release though. I'm undecided.

What do you think ?

Keep in touch,



As some of you may have guessed, I am a huge fan of Urban Exploration, i.e. of the exploration of abandoned places, derelict factories and so on.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit a forgotten aquatic center not so far from where I live, and I stumbled upon a pretty broken piano. The conditions for the recording were not exactly perfect, but I still took a few samples out of the instrument.

I'm truly willing to use them in some of my tracks, possibly on the upcoming "The Horla" EP album.

If you're willing to see more pictures of this abandoned place, just check out my photography blog.

Now listen to some of the samples I recorded in that place :


Good evening, dear visitor.

Today I've implemented a brand new audio player that replaces the rather ugly Reverbnation one that used to stand in the right bar. Indeed, as you may have already noticed, the player is now in the bar at the bottom of your screen.

But I need you ! Programming this was a bit tricky and sometimes wickedly insane, and I still need to enhance it. So, if you encounter any problem when using it, just drop a comment (and include the name of your web browser and OS) here !

I'm in particular interested in knowing if it works with Opera and Safari.. ;)

Thank you by advance,


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